"[Banzhaf] writes like heaven, and it's a drug I badly want. Wolf down Pony Castle, then eat every last sweet, singing crumb."

— Lynn Crosbie, author of Life Is About Losing Everything

Life is snaking its way through the characters in Pony Castle. Bad things are happening to good people. Winner of the 2015 Metatron Prize, Sofia Banzhaf's literary debut is enthralling, like staring into the dark and seeing a prism.

"[Pony Castle is] a cut crystal. Whichever way you turn it, it reflects the light differently. You can hold the thing in your hand but the thing is inconstant, it is always changing." — Entropy

"This book is the kind of sad that makes you feel empty. Read it and read it but remember you are not empty." — Probably Crying Review

"Stunning." — Dazed

Available from Metatron and as an Amazon Kindle Single.

"Pony Castle reads like a line of crushed pill up the nose: a quick breath in and then the rush. Banzhaf's writing is a straight chute to the most depraved of human behaviors, but within this brutal world, she finds grace and humanity." 

— Sarah Gerard, author of Binary Star

"Sofia Banzhaf creates a captivating world where nothing is free and anything can happen." 

— Chelsea Hodson, author of Pity the Animal

"Pony Castle is raw and honest, with incredibly striking images blooming from stripped down vocabulary. It is captivating and vulnerable."

Normale Magazine

"Pony Castle is like a tart candy." 

— Daphné Cheyenne, Drawn & Quarterly's November 2015 Staff Pick

"Sofia Banzhaf’s Pony Castle is a work of beautiful entropy that centres on a dark metamorphosis."

Sabotage Reviews

"[Pony Castle] makes me want to never want to read male writers again in my life." 

Not Lit House


Featuring the poetry of Fan Wu, Sofia Banzhaf, Ruby Brunton, and Julian Butterfield & Carter West.

Cover art by Alexandra MacKenzie.

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Watch an excerpt from a reading HERE.

Bad Nudes 2.1.3

Edited by Fawn Parker & Thomas Molander.

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PRESS: Peach Magazine Pick.

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